KPSC One Time Registration : Wrong Information Leads Debarring of Candidate

Kerala PSC's one time registration process is very simple and user friendly. So, all people can use the KPSC one time registration method to attend the PSC exams. At the same time misuse of one time registration procedure is in its peak. Some candidates entered wrong educational qualifications in their personal profile to attend the PSC tests for experience. It is for testing their knowledge in Kerala PSC exam syllabus. 

PSC decided to life time debar the one time applicants from KPSC exams. But this debar will be after an advice. For this, PSC will publish this new decision and the candidates should notice that before their application through one time profile. 

The reason behind this latest decision is that, due to these extra candidates PSC should afford a huge amount for conducting exam by including this high number of applicants. Second thing is that when these people who have no suitable qualification get into the probability list, many qualified candidates may get out of the list. By this many candidates will lose their chance even they are qualified and honest while the one time registration process. These dishonest candidates will not overcome the certificate verification of PSC. When they attend this, PSC officers will debar them from PSC test and they can not the precious PSC exams in their life. By this new decision of KPSC one time registration process will become more transparent.


KPSC One Time Registration Login : Reset of Password and User ID

How can do One Time Registration
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KPSC One Time Registration Login : Reset of Password and User ID

KPSC one time registration process is necessary to apply for PSC examinations. You can only download the exam hall tickets from KPSC official site through the one time registration sign in process. PSC candidates have a lot of doubts about one time registration. Many articles in keralastatepsc.com satisfy them in this case. Many KPSC aspirants have a doubt that how can reset the password or user ID of their one time profile. This is a common question people asking us. This article provides you better ideas to whose password or user ID or both had missed.

How to Get New One Time Registration User ID from KPSC:

There is a simple way which is a service provides by KPSC. When you had lost your user ID of your personal profile of one time registration, you should log in to the KPSC's official website. Then log in to your one time registration link. You can see the tip to find out missed or forgot user ID. Following is the way to get the missed one time profile user ID.

  • Use you registered mobile number for this.
  • SMS KPSC<space>USR to 5
  • You can get instant message to the same mobile number by saying your user ID. 

How to Reset the Onetime Registration Password:

This password lost is another issue we had heard a lot. Some will face this problem that they would lose their password, but they have their user ID. When you forgot the password of your personal profile, KPSC will help you by their online service. While you signing into the Kerala PSC official site, you can see the link of onetime registration. Click on that link. For logging in to your one time account you must need your password. You can see the simplest way to reset the password. It is following.
  • Use your registered mobile number. (That is it should be same number that you entered while onetime registration procedure.)
  • SMS 'KPSC<space>RSTD<space>. User ID<space>Date of Birth to 537252
  • You can get your new password through the mobile phone SMS.

How to Get Both the User ID and Password of Onetime Registration Process:

Some would lose both the user ID and password of your personal profile of onetime registration. Those had better follow the following way.
  • Use your registered mobile number for this purpose.
  • First, you collect your ID that you forgotten through KPSC online service by using above method. 
  • Then reset password using this user ID. 
Then you can write or save the user ID and password confidentially. Now you can successfully log in to your one time profile by entering the user ID and reset password in proper boxes on the right side of onetime registration window. 
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Kerala Public Service Commission will Conduct Field Supervisor and Binder Examinations in September

KPSC announced the date of exams of field supervisor and binder in August 2015. Field supervisor (Farming Corporation) Grade 2 and Binder Grade 2- Various departments (NCA Muslim) will conduct on August 13 and 21 respectively.
Exam time of field supervisor : 7.30 am - 9.15 am

  • Questions related to technical qualification
  • GK
  • Current Affairs
  • Kerala Renaissance
Question Paper of field supervisor will be in English. The hall ticket will be available in website from July 30.
Exam time of Binder Grade 2: 7.30- 9.15 am
  • Questions based on Booking and Binding
  • GK
  • Current Affairs
  • Kerala Renaissance
Question paper of Binder test will be in Malayalam/ Tamil/ Kannada. The hall ticket will be available in the site of KPSC from August 7. 

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Kerala PSC decided to hire candidates for 12 posts

Kerala Public Service Commission planned to notify 12 new exams. PSC will publish these new notification in next week. The posts include

  • Curator in Museum/ Zoo
  • Junior Assistant/ Cashier in Kerala Sera mix limited
  • Lecturer in Mridhamgam
  • Lecturer in Vocal....
The qualified candidates can apply for these test of KPSC through their onetime registration profile. The qualification details, last date of application, age bar etc can know from the notification. It will be publish in the KPSC official website. The examination date of these examinations will inform by PSC later and the candidates can download their admission tickets from PSC site. 
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Last Grade Servants: Certificate Verification in Earlier June

LGS Certificate VerificationKerala public service commission (KPSC) announced that the certificate verification of LGS candidates who are in probability list 2015 in June first. PSC planned to start the verification of last grade servants from June 1, 2015. There are many candidates in the last grade servants list who are in LDC rank list 2015. They need not to verify their certificates again. PSC will form a separate list of those candidates. PSC decided to complete the certificate verification process of remaining candidates in last grade probability list within 10 days.

The details about LGS certificate verification process are available in Kerala PSC official website. The candidates also get information from KPSC through their mobile phone in the form of SMS. The present LGS rank list (2012) will complete its validity on June 28, 2015. PSC is working to publish new LGS rank list on June 29, 2015.

The new LGS ranked list will contain 24, 914 candidates in main list and 30,987 candidates in supplementary list. The probability lists of last grade exam of 14 districts had published by KPSC on the same day. The more candidates in the main list are in Trivandrum, least number is in Kasaragode list.

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Secretariat Assistant Syllabus Reformation: Malayalam Returns

Secretariat Assistant SyllabusKerala PSC faces many problems due to avoiding Malayalam part from secretariat assistant exam 2015. The PSC members are asking again and again to include Malayalam in the secretariat assistant question paper. Kerala government is trying to make Malayalam as administrative language. So the chance of returning Malayalam into secretariat assistant syllabus is more.

Besides that, KPSC is thinking to change all PSC examination syllabuses. There is a high chance to remove Kerala renaissance from PSC syllabi. PSC will try to include Malayalam questions instead of Kerala renaissance questions.

Like that, PSC usually asks questions from GK and Kerala renaissance in the PSC tests for technical posts. Some have the opinion to avoid these questions from the question papers for technical post exams.

Due to these complaints KPSC decided to entirely change the PSC exams' syllabi. According to Kerala PSC exam aspirants this decision is not good news. They should wait for the new syllabus publication by KPSC for preparation. So they requested to reveal the syllabus of each PSC test earlier. It will help them to study and grasp well. 

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Last Grade Servants Cut Off marks 2015

Last Grade Cut Off MarksKerala Public Service Commission published the short list of LGS examination 2014. The last grade probability lists of 2015 are available in the official website of KPSC. The last grade exam according to the LGS notification from KPSC with the category number 567/2013 was conducted on September 20, 2014. The gazette date of that test was 31/12/2013. The Kerala PSC informative site www.keralastatepsc.com informed the details about last grade short list preparation and the number of candidates going to be included in the Last grade Servants Rank List 2015.

Many candidates who had got good mark in the previous last grade test for this LGS short list. They are preparing for the certificate verification process for the candidates in the last grade servants probability list. The details about the certificate verification will inform the candidates by
KPSC through mobile SMS and through various media.

The cut off Marks of Last grade examinations of 14 districts of Kerala are following:

  • Alappuzha- 73.68
  • Ernakulam- 83
  • Kannur- 84
  • Trivandrum- 74.784
  • Kollam- 84.67
  • Idukky- 65
  • Palakkad- 78.67
  • Kasaragod- 61
  • Malappuram- 71.01
  • Thrissur- 84
  • Kottayam- 70
  • Pathanamthitta- 66.67
  • Kozhikode- 68
  • Wayanad- 69
The present last grade list will become invalid on coming June 28. On the next day- that is on 29-6-2015 the new list of Last grade list will come. So the certificate verification process for these candidates and the rank list publication may finish within June 29. 

This latest news from KPSC disappointed the rank holders of existing LGS rank list of 2012 because they will lose their chance to extend the list in which they are included. But they requested to allow the supernumerary vacancies of last grade post under the various departments of Kerala government for them. But we can't predict the decision of KPSC on this matter. Anyway, all the best for the candidates of both the present LGS rank list and new last grade rank list from www.keralastatepsc.com. 
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Kerala PSC Latest Decisions on Municipal Secretary, LDC, HSST and Staff Nurse Posts

In the previous week Kerala Public Service Commission invited our attention to its some new decisions on various posts like Municipal Secretary, LD clerk, HSST, Staff nurse. The brief description on KPSC latest information can get from below.  

Municipal Secretary Special Recruitment:

Kerala PSC will invite applications through special notification for the post of Municipal Secretary from SC candidates. This decision is due to the lack of sufficient number of SC candidates in present municipal secretary rank list to fill the reserved posts of SC candidates.

LDC Application- DCA not Required:

Kerala PSC took the decision to avoid Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) from LDC qualification from next notification of Lower division clerk. The modified special rule will not contain the DCA. The experts' opinion is that there is no need of DCA compulsion for LDC post because the entire candidates who were studied in Kerala would study IT as a compulsory subject in school. There is no confidentiality about the DCA certificates from various institutions. The Special rule which include DCA is only applicable for some departments like revenue, social welfare...

HSST Computer Science: New Short List Contains 1000 Candidates:

Kerala PSC modified the HSST Computer Science rank list by including 1000 candidates. The main list includes 394 candidates and the supplementary list contains more than 6000 people. The new cut off mark of HSST list is 37.33. The certificate verification process for this post had completed before the short list preparation. KPSC avoided the B Tech applicants from the old list. After the interview PSC will publish the rank list for this post in June 2015. 

Six New Advice Memos Sent for Staff Nurse Post in Medical College:

Kerala PSC advised 6 rank holders from the Trivandrum Staff nurse rank list to appoint in TVM Medical College. PSC clarified that these vacancies were reported before the special rule. So they can fill with district staff nurse list. 

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KPSC Last Grade New Notification will not Call Graduates

Kerala PSC accepted the special rule amendment which raises the qualification of last grade servants of Kerala government institutions to seventh standard. This modified decision will become practical from next last grade notification by Kerala PSC. For that Kerala government should pass this new rule. The secretariat staffs started the procedures for that. This rule also contains the disqualification of graduates from writing last grade examination.

The present qualification for LGS exam is to know for writing and reading. The order for modifying last grade qualification had done in 2009 by government of Kerala. But special rule practice delayed and the previous last grade test conducted with previous qualification demand. When the government recognized this rule, all the last grade exams will conduct with this qualification.

Many candidates have the complaint that they lose many chances due to not consider the graduates for LGS post. By this new rule on LGS qualification, graduates can't apply for LGS exam. So the candidates who have no a degree will get more chances to enter into Kerala government service through last grade servant job.

The graduates also have some arguments. They told that they have no more chances to achieve a Kerala PSC exam as a graduate. The competition for Kerala PSC tests decreasing the chance for each KPSC examination aspirant. So they requested to KPSC to do not avoid them from last grade application process. 

Anyway, KPSC is waiting for government order to practice the new rule. So graduates should work hard to attain a KPSC graduate level test.
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Secretariat Assistant 2013: Lowest Appointment List After LD Clerk Rank List

Secretariat Assistant rank list 2013 is facing an unexpected prohibition for appointing process. KPSC had only adviced 12 rank holders of this rank list for the last 6 months. Total candidates who got advice memo from KPSC to enter into assistant post in Kerala secretariat are 284. Even in this bad situation PSC did not forget to call for the new secretariat assistant notification in 2014 December. Psc also declared the assistant exam date on 2015 May 16. The latest rank list of the secretariat assistant exam will publish on 2016 April 7.

The 85% candidates of present secretariat assistant rank list will not get the appointment letter from Kerala PSC. This rank list was published on 2013 April 8. This list is valid for next 1 year.

Reasons for Secretariat Assistant Appointment Delay:

  • Many depending appointment by changing the fixed percentage by Kerala government.
  • Decreasing of deputation appointments from Secretariat.
  • Lack of new appointments for long leave and maternity leave.
  • Lack of response from Kerala government to the advice to appoint 485 extra employees in Local fund audit.
There will be a chance to form 81 new vacancies of secretariat assistant's up to next December 31. But these vacancies will not fill with the present secretariat assistant rank holders. It is because of the by transfer appointment for secretariat employees to secretariat assistant post. Out of the above mentioned 81 vacancies 47 will go for by transfer appointment.

The present secretariat assistant rank list contained 3754 candidates. There were 1466 persons in the main list, 2078 were in the secretariat supplementary list and 210 candidates in the PH special list. When we analyze the secretariat assistant rank list appointment statistics, we can conclude that there is no chance for appointing at least 500 candidates from the present list of secretariat assistant- 2013. From the earlier list before 2013 ranked list there were 1020 candidates were appointed as assistant/ auditor in Secretariat of Kerala state.
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SET (State Eligibility Test) June 2015: 2% Mark Consideration for General Category

Kerala Government decided SET examination date on June 7, 2015. The main attraction of this new SET notification is 2% consideration in aggregate score for general candidates. State eligibility test is conducted to make best candidates to qualify HSST examinations of Kerala PSC. This is a qualification test conducts by LBS Kerala. The detailed new SET notification will publish in this week. The SET application form will available in all head post offices of Kerala. Applicants of SET exam will get 3 weeks time to send their applications.

SET: Latest Information and Relaxations:

The latest SET is a relief for general category applicants. It is due to 2% relaxation in aggregate score. They have to achieve only 48% instead of 50% as total mark. The previous relaxation for SC/ST candidates, other backwards and 40% PH applicants will continue. The relaxation was like this,

For SC/ST - 10%
For others - 5%

SET Subjects of June 2015:

The new SET notification is for 30 subjects. 5 subjects avoided from this table due to lowest number of applicants. SET will conduct for these subjects alternatively. These candidates will get chance for attend SET test for next time.

Subjects of Next SET Exam:

Anthropology, Arabic, Botany, Chemistry, Commerce, Economics, English, Gandhian studies, Geography, Geology, Hindi, History, Home science, Islamic History, Journalism, Kannada, Malayalam, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sanskrit, Social work, Sociology, Statistics, Tamil, Urdu, Zoology.

SET Syllabus:

The syllabus for SET will continue. As usual there will be an OMR test also for SET 2015. In written exam there will be 2 papers. These 2 tests will conduct in 2 sessions of morning and afternoon. 

SET Paper 1- 2 Parts

  • Part 1- GK
  • Part 2- Teaching Aptitude
Number of Questions- 120 (from 2 parts)
Marks- 120 x 1 =120
Exam Time- 120 minutes

SET Paper 2 - Subject Paper

Questions related to PG syllabus
Number of Questions - 120 (80 for Mathematics and Statistics)
Marks- 120 x 1= 120 (For Maths and statistics 80 x 1.5 = 120)

There are no negative marks for SET exam. The SET questions will be objective type. SET valuation will be in OMR system. LBS website will publish the SET answer key a few days later from the test. 

SET Application:

The applicants should buy SET application form from nearby head post office. Fill up and carefully complete the online application process. SET application form costs 750 RS. For SC/ST/VH candidates only 375 Rs. Tips for online registration will get from SET prospectus.

Qualification for SET:

The SET applicants should complete their post graduation in concerned subjects with at least second class and B.Ed. Some subjects avoided from B.Ed. LTTC and DHT will not consider equivalent to B.Ed. SC/ST candidates have 5% relaxation in PG mark. If the candidate completed any one qualification those said above and will complete the second in this academic year, he is able to apply for SET 2015. There is no age bar for SET.

SET Hall Ticket Download:

LBS centre website will provide the chance for downloading SET hall ticket for all eligible candidates. The date on which this facility start will publish in newspapers, other medias and LBS website. Candidates should download the SET exam admission ticket by entering their registration ID which they got at the time of application.

SET Exam center:

SET exam centers will arrange in all the districts of Kerala state. The applicants can select their examination centre while they are applying for SET. There is no chance to change the exam centre after submitting the application. 

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