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Expected questions from VEDAS


  • The oldest literary work in the world
  • The first literary item in the Indo European language.
  • The popular God in the Rigveda era- Indhra
  • Rig veda translated into Persian by- Max Muller
  • Rig Veda translated into  Malayalam by- Vallathol Narayana Menon
  • Rig veda starts with - 'Agnimeele purohitham'.
  • Rigveda ends as- 'Yadhavah susahasathi'
  • It describes the coming of Aryans and their life style
  • It includes Mandooka sloka
  • It include Gayathri Manthra
  • It is the oldest veda
  • The authors of vedas- Aryans
  • The number of mandalas in the rigveda- 10
  • The ninth mandala is for Soma dev
  • The veda includes the description of medicinal plants.
  • The river which has reference in rigveda- Sindhu
  • The number of Sthothra in the rigveda- 1028
  • The famous poetesses who had wrote the Rigveda lieraries- Khosha, Apaara, Lopamudhra


  • Describes the customs of Gurus
  • Said about sacrifice processes (Bali kriyas) and rituals
  • Include 40 units
  • It is in the form of prose
  • It is divided into 2 , first is Krishna yajur veda and the second is Shukla Yajur veda


  • It deals with the music


  • The last and fourth veda
  • Ayurveda is its part
  • It has 4 upavedas- Dhanur veda, Gandarva veda, Shilpa veda, Ayur veda.
  • It says "The war starts in the human mind".

Kerala PSC - Assistant Grade 2(Model Questions World History) 

Associated Titles of Well-Known Persons
Apostle of Free Trade                   : Richard Cobden
Bangabandhu                                : Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Bard of Avon                                : Shakespeare
The Enlightened One,
The Light of Asia                          : Buddha
The Father of English
Poetry                                           : Geoffrey Chaucer
Frontier Gandhi, Badshah Khan   : Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
Fuehrer                                         :Adolf Hitler
G.B.S.                                           :George Bernard Shaw
Grand Old Man of Britain            : Gladstone
II Duce                                         : Mussolini
Iron Duke                                     : Duke of Wellington
Kingmaker                                    : Earl of Warwick
Lady with the Lamp                     : Florence Nightingale
Maid of Orleans                            : Joan of Arc
Maiden Queen                              : Elizabeth I
Man of Blood  & Iron                   : Bismark
Man of Destiny, Little Corporal   : Napoleon
Mark Twain                                  : Samuel Clemens
Wizard of the North                      : Sir Walter Scott.
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