Started to Publish Village Man Shortlist

PSC started to publish village man of revenue department short list. The published list is of Pathanamthitta district. PSC prepared this rank list on the basis of last grade servant examination which was held on 12-06-2010. The cut of mark of the village man list is 78. In this district the cut of mark which was decided by PSC was 67 for the last grade servant list. KPSC included the top rank holders of last grade list in the village man rank list. 

PSC Vacancies should Report through E-mail - New Circular

PSC vacancies should report through E-mail to inform PSC office. It is new circular from  Government. This circular suggests all departments to E-mail the new vacancies to the E-mail ID of Commission Secretary. 

The circular says that from 1-6-12 all departments should inform the vacancies to the  PSC through E-mail via E-mail ID - 'secretary@psc.kerala.gov.in'- of PSC secretary.    

KSEB Masdoor: Appointment started.

PSC had started the appointment of KSEB Masdoor in 7 districts.In this first chance 312 memos were sent. More appointments are from Palakad Masdoor rank list- 86.Less number of appointments are in Kollam-12.There is a chance to get Masdoor job for almost 500 candidates.

Last grade appointment moves as a snail:

Last grade rank holders associations of 14 districts of Kerala complain that the appointments from the last grade lists are not in proper way. According to them, the appointments face delay due to various reasons like cutting of extra posts , avoiding the process of formation of new posts...Now only 5500 appointments were occurred from the present last grade lists.50000 rank holders are waiting for the appointment. The validity of the   present last grade rank list will finish in 2015 June.

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