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Expected questions from VEDAS


  • The oldest literary work in the world
  • The first literary item in the Indo European language.
  • The popular God in the Rigveda era- Indhra
  • Rig veda translated into Persian by- Max Muller
  • Rig Veda translated into  Malayalam by- Vallathol Narayana Menon
  • Rig veda starts with - 'Agnimeele purohitham'.
  • Rigveda ends as- 'Yadhavah susahasathi'
  • It describes the coming of Aryans and their life style
  • It includes Mandooka sloka
  • It include Gayathri Manthra
  • It is the oldest veda
  • The authors of vedas- Aryans
  • The number of mandalas in the rigveda- 10
  • The ninth mandala is for Soma dev
  • The veda includes the description of medicinal plants.
  • The river which has reference in rigveda- Sindhu
  • The number of Sthothra in the rigveda- 1028
  • The famous poetesses who had wrote the Rigveda lieraries- Khosha, Apaara, Lopamudhra


  • Describes the customs of Gurus
  • Said about sacrifice processes (Bali kriyas) and rituals
  • Include 40 units
  • It is in the form of prose
  • It is divided into 2 , first is Krishna yajur veda and the second is Shukla Yajur veda


  • It deals with the music


  • The last and fourth veda
  • Ayurveda is its part
  • It has 4 upavedas- Dhanur veda, Gandarva veda, Shilpa veda, Ayur veda.
  • It says "The war starts in the human mind".

Kerala PSC - Assistant Grade 2(Model Questions World History) 

Associated Titles of Well-Known Persons
Apostle of Free Trade                   : Richard Cobden
Bangabandhu                                : Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Bard of Avon                                : Shakespeare
The Enlightened One,
The Light of Asia                          : Buddha
The Father of English
Poetry                                           : Geoffrey Chaucer
Frontier Gandhi, Badshah Khan   : Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
Fuehrer                                         :Adolf Hitler
G.B.S.                                           :George Bernard Shaw
Grand Old Man of Britain            : Gladstone
II Duce                                         : Mussolini
Iron Duke                                     : Duke of Wellington
Kingmaker                                    : Earl of Warwick
Lady with the Lamp                     : Florence Nightingale
Maid of Orleans                            : Joan of Arc
Maiden Queen                              : Elizabeth I
Man of Blood  & Iron                   : Bismark
Man of Destiny, Little Corporal   : Napoleon
Mark Twain                                  : Samuel Clemens
Wizard of the North                      : Sir Walter Scott.
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One Time Registration

How can do one time registration?

One time registration is compulsory. Applicants can register through the official website of PSC www.keralapsc.org.  Before the applications for different vacancies, applicants should enter the details about their qualifications and experience. Do not enter wrong details while the registration. There is no permission to register more than one time.

Tips to one time registration:

 Open the site  www.keralapsc.org
one-time registration Click on one-time registration .Then the registration page will appear on the screen. There are two facilities in this page.
  1. For new registration.
  2. To log in to the profiles of already registered candidates.
For new registration:

The newly registering candidates should click on the link New Registration (Sign Up). Now you get the online registration form. 
At first you should upload the photo of the applicant. 150px X 200px sized photo should upload.Do not exceed the size more than 30KB. Then 150px X 100px  sized signature should upload. This also should have the size 30KB.It should upload to the signature column.

Then applicant should enter their personal details. There is special column for that. Name and date of birth should enter two times. They should be similar. Next is the entry of sex, religion, caste, sub caste, names of father and mother, relation, details about wife / husband.

Then you should enter the identification details, Nationalism, District, taluk, village, panchayat/municipality/corporation in the particular columns.Press next button after checking the entered information are correct.If there is any mistakes, correct them and click on  next button. 

Then enter the permanent address and present address. Add house number, house name, street, post office, pin code, district, taluk, village, panchayat/municipality/corporation in proper place.You can also add own e mail ID and mobile number.If you not enter the mobile number you will not get the SMS service of commission.

You can give the interested User ID and password.  Keep them as secret to know the examination details, results, and other information.

After entering the above details properly and read the details in the declaration tick in the given box. Then click on  Submit button.Now you get  log in details page. 

The registered applicants can log in to the profile using their user-ID and password . From this page you can click Registration card link and print out the card.There is a facility to correct the registration details.


How to Reset of Password and User ID in One Time Profile 
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PSC Examinations for Graduates

     KPSC offers many opportunities for graduates. Assistant grade 2, Secretariat assistant etc.... are some of those. If you feel job is necessary for you, PSC examinations are the suitable platform. As a graduate this is correct way for you. You deserve this.

      If you are ready to work hard and study up to date by scarifying anything you can win the PSC examinations and by achieving good ranks; the job offer from PSC will reach you. The deciding factor of your success is not your present knowledge; how your knowledge is increases your rank number will reach the top. So, to achieve good marks in Kerala PSC examinations you should do hard work with sincerity. Through your success you can earn a good income and secure your life with the help of PSC.

       PSC has call for the applications for these graduate level examination every 2 or 3 year intervals. You can apply for these tests through the KPSC website after doing one time registration.When doing the one time registration you should give correct details to PSC. The syllabus of the assistant grade 2 examination , secretariat assistant examination , and other graduate level examinations will publish in the KPSC website at the time of notification. There is a tight competition in this field to get a place in any of the PSC rank list. So it is better to achieve a government job through the PSC examination is the best way to secure the future.


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Assistant Grade 2

Read Latest:

 KPSC Notification in 42 Posts: Gazette Date - 12/10/2017, Last Date - 15/11/2017

Kerala PSC (KPSC) Assistant Grade II Company/Board/Corporation Latest Notification 2017 - 2018:

Kerala Public Service Commission notified various company/board/corporation assistant grade 2 exams under categories 399/2017 and 400/2017. Gazetted date is 13/10/2017. PSC will conduct 2 assistant grade examination. First (399/2017) for KSFE, KSEB, TSR corporation etc... and the second is for KSRTC, Livestock corporation etc....

Last date for application: 15/11/2017, till 12.00 midnight.

Qualification: Bachelors degree from any recognized universities - BA/Bsc/B.Com.

Age bar: 18 -36 years. Right candidates will get proper age relaxation.

Salary scale: Based on concerned board's decision.

No.of vacancies: Around 6,000.

New Syllabus of Company/Board/Corporation Assistant Grade 2 Examination:

According to the believable information Syllabus has 10 parts. They are below,

  • English 
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Mental Ability
  • IT & Cyber law
  • Science
  • Current Affairs
  • Facts about India
  • Facts about Kerala
  • Constitution
  • Social Welfare Schemes
Besides these 10 parts, there is high chance for including Mother tongue - Malayalam in assistant grade 2 syllabus. There is no official information about it. There is also a confusion on the examination medium. It may change into Malayalam.

Examination Date: There is no information on that. But it may finish within 2018 February. There is no valid rank list of assistant grade II. So the vacancies can be filled only with the latest rank list that will prepare in 2018. 


Old Posts:

     PSC called for the applications for assistant grade 2 examination. There are 10,000 vacancies in various company/board/corporations. There is a difference in this year. The top rank holders can get job in better departments. Through the notification for assistant grade 2 of PSC we can enter into the precious departments like KSEB, KSFE.... The salary and services from this companies are very attractive. By achieving good ranks in assistant grade 2 examination, one can enter into those departments. PSC will prepare two rank lists for assistant grade 2. The top rank holders will include in the first rank list which will prepare for selecting employees for KSFE, KSEB.... From the second rank list, PSC will post the employees to other companies, boards, and corporations under the Kerala government.. So study well, do hard work for achieving good job in good department. KPSC will help you for that. Hard working youth can win the exams of KPSC.

          The Assistant Grade 2 Syllabus contain different parts which include GK, English, Malayalam, Mathematics, Science...There are many coaching centers in Kerala which provide better training for attaining good rank in the PSC rank lists.The coaching for assistant grade 2 examination had started in the main PSC coaching institutions. You can also achieve your goal through the self study . It will help you to learn according to your pace. But it will useful for you if you are an intrinsically motivated learner.

Related :

Assistant Grade 2 Rank List Published; Advices for 1308 Vacancies:

       Kerala PSC had published company/board/corporation assistant grade 2 rank list on 2014, September 22. This list is for KSEB, KSFE and Thrissur corporation. There are 5956 candidates in the assistant main list, 6320 rank holders in supplementary list. The total number of assistant grade 2 rank holders is 12,276. The reported vacancies of assistant grade 2 from various institutions those are under taking by Kerala Government are 1308 number. PSC will make advice orders to fill these vacancies from the month of October. The more vacancies are reported from KSFE (1102). The least number of vacancies are from Hand loom development corporation (1). Assistant grade vacancies in KSEB (159), Land development corporation (11), Malabar cements (16), KMML (11), KAMKO (4), Cashew Development corporation (4). There is an assumption that in the first stage of appointment, around 900 candidates from the main list of assistant grade 2 rank list will get appointment.

         With this glad news, there is a bad news also. The assistant grade 2 rank holders got the clear idea about the number of vacancies in various companies/boards/corporations by the help of information act. In KSEB, there are 400 vacancies of assistant/cashier post. These vacancies should fill with the new assistant grade 2 rank list. But the complaint is that KSEB is not ready to report these vacancies. Similarly, in KSFE there are 2000 assistant vacancies. But KSFE had reported on 1102 vacancies to PSC. The temporary staffs are working in the remaining vacancies. The rank holders are demanding that the whole vacancies should fill with the candidates from the latest assistant grade 2 rank list.    

Read: Assistant Grade New Appointments
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