Secretariat Assistant Rank List Will Became A Headache

Secretariat assistant rank list will come soon. But there are many confusions and gossips with regard to the short list of PSC secretariat assistant examination. Some complaints of candidates are following-'' mark for wrong answer, immediate certificate verification, certificate verification is only at Trivandrum, Absence of PSC emblem on identification certificate.

PSC published the short list of assistant/auditor post of the secretariat. But there are many complaints from the candidates about that. Both the candidates who got place in the short list and who got out of the list have equal complaints about the short list. So the publication of secretariat assistant rank list will become a problem for PSC. The above mentioned problems will make a big headache for KPSC.

PSC had published the short list of secretariat assistant on March 18. It includes 5050 candidates. 4400 candidates through direct appointment system and 650 through post changing system. The list contain 1544 people in main list and 2856 in supplementary list. The cut off mark is 61 for main list of secretariat assistant. 

The certificate verification for the candidates who get a place in the assistant list will conduct in PSC head office at Trivandrum on March 23, 25, 26. In previous years, the verification for the post assistant/auditor had conducted in district offices. But in this year PSC had changed the decision and decided to conduct it only in head office of PSC. It become a huge burden for many candidates.

The certificate verification of secretariat assistant started after 4 days from the publication of its short list. It lead to many problems. The candidate could not get the caste certificates and non-creamy layer certificates on time. Almost 500 people will get out of the list because of this reason. The immediate certificate verification conducted by PSC for the post of assistant in secretariat will badly affect the short listed candidates who work abroad or in other states. They could not attend the verification on time. So they lost the golden chance for a good government job. They will not get another chance for that. 

Another complaint is about the marking for wrong answers. In the final answer key which had published by PSC. The candidates who choose the correct answers will lose 2.66 marks by this. The candidates who mark wrong answers had got more marks for that. The people who were deserve for a place in the secretariat assistant list become fools. Almost 500 candidates could not find a place in the list by this reason. In their place, the candidates who chose wrong answer became a part of the list of secretariat assistant.  

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