LDC Examinations: Finish In Feb-2014

KPSC decided to complete the LDC exam in Feb-2014. In March, which is the month of S.S.L.C. exam, the secretary of examination centers will occur. The April-May summer vacation will lead to the absence of invigilators. So PSC decided to complete the LDC examination in 2014 February. Examinations will finish in February in 14 districts of Kerala through 7 steps. PSC thinks to start the exam from 2013 November to 2014 February. But it is not final decision. The date of LDC exam will declare with the application call for.

There is a common opinion among people that, the new LDC declaration will be a problem for candidates. They will get only some time to prepare for the examination. The available information from KPSC is that they will call for the exam at the end of the month June. The people can apply till the end of July. If the LDC exams will start in November the applicants who tries for a Kerala government job will get only 3 months for preparation. The present rank list of LDC published by Public Service Commission is existing. It has duration for one and half years. According to the candidates there is no need to call for new application of LDC. It is wrong decision of PSC, they said. Some PSC servants also have opposite opinion on this decision. KPSC has no memory about many important lists. Even through, they had not forget to call for the LDC. It badly effect the appointments from other PSC lists. So majority has an opinion that it will be better that to conduct the LDC exam after 2014 June. If the LDC exams will conduct from 2014 June, the KPSC can publish the rank list in 2015 March 31. The applicants will get proper time for preparation for the examination. 

The retirement age became 60. But the age limit to apply for Government jobs is remain as 36. It didn't raise to 40 years. Many people oppose this. Because of this decision of Public Service Commission, many candidates will lose their chance to apply for a Government employment. Many states increased the age limit with the increase of retirement age. But Kerala State does not take decision in this matter. The Government servants who entered to service from April 1 2013 will retire only at 60 yrs due to the increase of retirement age. But the age limit for applying for a PSC test is remaining as 36 years. When the retirement age increased from 55 to 56, the age limit to apply for a government job in Kerala increased from 35 to 36. But, now the Government increase the retirement age to 60 years, there is no change in age limit to apply for Government job. 

KPSC will call for the application for LDC post in various Departments. The hope is that the main declarations like last grade, Panchayat secretary will also call for by PSC in this year. If the age limit will increase by Government, it will be a suitable decision which help the candidates till 40 years. They will get a chance to achieve a Government job. The candidates hope that State Government and KPSC will take good decision for this.           

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