Applicants Should Upload Their Certificates To Website

The Applicants who wish to apply for PSC examinations should upload their certificates to PSC website. They should upload them as they do in the case of 'Name and Signature'. Technicians of PSC will arrange the facilities with in two months for that. Candidates should upload the concerned certificates after that. When the candidate present in the certificate verification, the uploaded certificates will compare with the original certificates which he submit at that time. Only after this, the registration process will complete. 

Public Service Commission decided to publish the rank lists after only the completion of one time registration of LDC applicants. PSC firstly thought to examine the certificates of all applicants who had applied for LDC. But it is not easy to verify all candidates. So PSC officers changed their thought and decided to verify the certificates of short listed candidates. Before the certificate verification candidate should upload their original certificates to PSC's Website. Then they should Submit their original certificates in PSC offices for verification. This is a positive decision for the candidates which had taken by Government and PSC. After the verification of original certificates had done for one time, there is no need for further verification of those same certificates for other Government jobs recruited by PSC. But certificates of additional qualifications should be upload and verify at proper time. 

Other important decision of Government is that to report all vacancies which will form in next year. PSC workers started their work for that. PSC officers informed this decision to all department heads.  When a delay occur in this, the departments will face difficulties in future. The news from PSC offices informs that there is no decision was taken in the case of increase the duration of PSC rank lists. 

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