PSC Postponed The Invitation Of LDC Application

PSC authoritied decided to postponed the declaration of LDC application. The information from Public Service Commission is that the applications will call for after the Government's decision on the qualification criteria for LDC examination.

The decision was taken in the committee which held in PSC on June 24. The government had took decision to increase the qualification of LDC to plus two on 2011 July 1. Authorities said that this decision will practice from next declaration. But the special rules had not changed. So KPSC decided to call for applications for LDC examination with the qualification S.S.L.C.

KPSC would call for application's for LDC posts of different departments of Kerala. For some departments, the selection of employees is without the special rules. There are no special rules for ministerial subordinate service for 4 years. According to the government order of 2011 July 1, the qualification of LDC is plus two. But the LDC qualification for LDC in revenue, municipal common service, social welfare etc.... is remains as S.S.L.C. So these can not include in common declaration. In this situation, KPSC asked the government to publish the rule by taking decision on the unique qualification for LDC in all departments

The applications for LDC will invite immediately after the decision of government on this matter is inform to PSC office. There is a chance to call for the LDC application by the government of Kerala to give chance to the candidates who have S.S.L.C qualification to attend LDC examination. The changing of LDC qualification from S.S.L.C to plus two will give a beat to more than 5 lakhs of candidates. They will lose their chance to apply for LDC job. Present calculation is that there will be approximately 15 lakhs applications for LDC examination. When the qualification raise to plus two, the number of application will reduce to 10 lakhs. 

Each year there are 5 lakhs pupils passed the S.S.L.C examination. All of them cannot get seat for studying plus two. Many of them join in ITI courses. They cannot get the chance to apply for LDC. The new decision of PSC to ask the questions in English will also badly effect many of people. KPSC prepares the question papers in Malayalam for the post which have S.S.L.C qualification. When the qualification qualification became plus two, the question paper will be in English. The average candidates will face difficulty in that system. It will very much effect the people who studied in Malayalam medium. Many candidates would get invalid results by bubbling wrongly the register number in answer sheet. It is usual in the even in degree level examinations. The LDC question paper with English questions will reach among these people. There is a complaint that this question paper change will help the English medium students only.    

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