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Here we are trying to provide you a better source of idea about general English questions with suitable explanations. This part include general English questions from KPSC previous question papers from 2000-2013. If you aim at the highest rank you should achieve full marks in English. We are trying to help you to attain the precious goal. Go through following learning materials, improve your English for PSC examinations.

  • If they really tried, they -------------- the prize. (a) will win (b) can win (c) could win (d) could have win.

Ans: (c) could win
[In the 'If clause' there is simple past tense (ie., tried), so in the main clause there should be could /would/should + base form of verb]

  • When --------------- you usually have tea? (a) do (b) does (c) were (d) are.

Ans: (a) do
[ If there is the word 'usually', the sentence will be in simple present tense. The subject 'you' is take as plural, then the answer is 'do']

  • It was --------------- unanimous decision. (a) the (b) an (c) a (d) none

Ans: (c) a
[ The word unanimous starts with the vowel 'u'. But the pronunciation is start with 'yu'. So answer is 'a' ]    

  • He is too tired ------------- walk. (a) to (b) not to (c) he will not (d) he cannot.

Ans: (a) to
[ There should not be use 'not' in too - to sentences ]

  • Scientists hope to achieve a break ------------- in the search for a cure for cancer. 

(a) up (b) out (c) in (d) through
Ans: (d) through
[ Break through means overcome the struggles to achieve the success ]

  • The loan will be repaid ------------------ a year. (a) during (b) within (c) before (d) on 

Ans: (b) within
[ This is passive voice ]

  • The British council offered him a scholarship ------------? (a) did they (b) didn't they (c) is it (d) was they

Ans: (b) didn't they
[ 'Offered' is past tense. So the auxiliary verb is 'did'. Sentence is positive. So there should be 'not' in the tag. 'The British council' is plural. So the subject is the tag also should be plural. So 'they' is used ]

  • It was two years --------------- that I first met Gopal. (a) since (b) for (c) ago (d) before

Ans: (c) ago  

  • One of the books in my library -------------- missing. (a) are (b) were (c) has (d) is

Ans: (d) is
[ 'One of the books' is singular ]

  • Shakespeare has written ------------- plays. (a) many (b) much (c) more (d) most

Ans: (a) many
[ 'Plays' is countable. So 'many' is the answer ] 

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