PSC Previous Indian History Questions

"Here we are giving you some important, expected questions which are selected from the previous PSC question papers about the Indian History which can be ask in last grade, LDC, Assistant Grade 2, Secretariat Assistant Reserve conductor, Police Constable...Examinations."


1905- Bengal Partition
  • By Lord Curzon
  • Aim was to divide and rule
  • Movement against it by Congress- Swadeshi Movement
  • Partition of Bengal cancelled in- 1911

1906- Muslim league Formation
  • Founders- Akha Khan, Salimullah Khan
  • First Conference Of Muslim League- In Dhaka (Capital of Bangladesh)

1907- Surat Partition
  • Congress divided into moderate and militant

1909- Minto Morley
  • Also called Govt Of India Act
  • India had divided into Particular election lac(Niyojaka mandalam)

1911-Cancellation of Bengal Partition
  • The capital of India had changed to Delhi from Kalkatta.
  • Decision was by Lord Hurdinchi
  • India's national anthem had sung for first time in Kalkatta conference in 1911 Dec 28.
  • King George Of England and his wife visited  India .For its memory The Gateway Of India had built in Mumbai.

1913- First Nobel for Asia
  • Rabindra natha Tagore got Nobel prize for Geethanjaly.
  • He is the first Asian who got Nobel prize.

1914- Vazhsai  Treaty

1915- Gandhiji Returns
  • Gandhiji returns back to India from South Africa on January 29 1915.

1917- Chambaran strike

1918- Ahmadabad Mill Strike and Gandhiji did his first hunger strike.


  • Govt Of India Act( Montagu ChalmsFord Suggestions).
  • Rowlatt Act published- The law which enable the British Govt to arrest the Indians without hearing.
  • The soldier who commanded to shoot in Jalian vala Bag- General Diar
  • Gilafath Movement formed.

1920-Non co operation Movement 

  • Leader was Gandhiji.
  • Gilafath movement had started its working.

1922- Chowrichowra Incident

  • Gandhiji cancelled Non co operation movement.
  • Tagore visited Gandhiji.

1923- Swaraj Party

  • Founders- C.R.Das and Mothilal Nehru
  • President was C.R.Das
  • Secretary- Mothilal Nehru

1924- Bulgam Conference

  • Gandhiji became the president of Indian National Congress.

1925- Formation of Indian Communist Party

  • Founder- M.N.Roy
  • He was influenced by Lenin
  • He is the first Indian who joined to International Communist Party.

1927- Simon Commission

  • Appointed by British Govt in London
  • Is aim was to enquire about Jalian vala Bag incident and Modification of Indian Ruling condition.
  • The number of members in Simon Commission-7.
  • INC rejected this due to the absence of Indians in the commission.

1928- Simon Commission visited India

  • Lala lajpath Rai murdered in the Lathi charge of British Police.
  • The author of the 'Unhappy India'- Lala LAjpath Rai

1929- Lahore Conference

  • Nehru became President of INC.
  • Nehru declared the Poorna Swaraj.

1930- Salt Sathyagraha

  • Lead by Gandhiji
  • Decision had taken to celebrate 1930 January 26 as the independence day of India.
  • For the memory of this decision Jan 26 is celebrating as Republic day of India.

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