SET/NET General Paper - Previous Question Paper

SET/NET Previous General Paper Questions

           Here we are giving you a source of expecting and previous question from the general papers of Kerala SET/NET. From the revision of the following questions you can get the clear idea about the question paper pattern of the general paper of SET/NET. In this section you can find out some precious test items from teaching aptitude.

1.Teaching Aptitude

  • Which is the following is the best method of teaching?- Seminar and project.
  • Which is the main objective of teaching?- To develop thinking power of students.
  • Teacher uses teaching aids for-  Making teaching within the understanding level of students.
  • Effectiveness of teaching depends on- subject understanding of teacher.
  • Who called teaching as a tripolar process-Smith.
  • Who said 'teaching is what a teacher does for the development of a child- Green.
  • Exponent of naturalism- Rousseau.
  • Exponent of pragmatism- John Dewy.
  • Exponent of Micro teaching- Dwight Allen.
  • What is TAT in psychology- Thematic Apperception Test.
  • Who developed TAT?-Henry Murray.
  • Projective tests are used to - check the personality.
  • Which is not the aspect of learning?- The sensitization of nerve fibers.
  • Which is not a product of learning?- Maturation.
  • The schools are the agent of society which help to - To prepare the child for life.
  • To educate according to nature means- To educate according to the laws of nature and human development.
  • In ancient India ,what type of education was followed?- Moral , vocational,and religious.
  • Verbal guidance is most effective in - Concepts,attitudes,and relationships.
  • A teacher's most precious item is his- students' faith.
  • How does a teacher behave to her students?- A friend like.
  • Language is a - Medium to express experience.
  • Verbal guidance is least effective in teaching - skills.
  • If students are not able to follow , a teacher should- make the matter easy , give them prompt, and illustrate with examples.
  • The best educational programme is one which is according to the- ability need, interest of the child.
  • A teacher in the class should Keep the pitch of the voice - moderate.

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