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Previous Question Papers of SET (Kerala SET)/ NET 

                " Are you preparing for SET (Kerala Set ) Examination? Are you searching for a best guide to attain good mark in that examination .Yes, you are in correct platform. We are trying to help you to achieve more marks in SET Zoology paper .You can find out the previous years questions and the expected questions of SET Zoology here. By following the material we provide you can get clear idea about the question pattern and right answers for the precious questions."

Questions from Taxonomy and animal diversity (SET Zoology Paper):

  • Father of Taxonomy- Carlous Linnaeus
  • Author of 'Histiria Generalis Plantarum' - John Ray
  • Author of Systamae Naturae- Carlous Linnaeus
  • Father of New systematics (cladism)- Julius Huxely
  • Introducer of the term 'species'-John Ray
  • Introducer of definition of species- Earnst Mayor
  • Founder of Static/ Morphological concept of species- Carlous Linnaeus
  • Founder of Dynamic concept of species- Lamarck
  • Founder of Biological concept of species- Earnst Mayor
  • Author of 'Historia Naturalis'- Pliny The Elder
  • Artificial classification related to - Carlous Linnaeus.
  • Natural classification related to - Bentham and Hooker
  • Phylogenic classification related to - Engler , Hutchinson, and Tippo.
  • 2 kingdom classification was introduced by - Carlous Linnaeus
  • 5 kingdom classification was introduced by - Robert H Wittaker
  • Kingdom Monera was introduced by - Earnst Mayor
  • Author of 'Scala naturae'- Aristotle
  • 3domain system of classification was introduced by- Carl Woese
  • Founder of ICZN- Hugh E Strickland
  • Colonial theory was introduced by- Hackel
  • Phenetics is deals with - Numerical taxonomy
  • Dendrogram is an other name of- Phylogenetic tree
  • The bacteria on Azolla- anabena
  • Ancient bacteria is - Arcae bacteria
  • The category of bacteria which can survive even in the absense of oxygen- Archae bacteria
  • The first form of life on Earth- Archae bactera
  • First animals are - protozoans
  • Protozoans ingest food by - Phagocytosis
  • Photosynthetic protozoan- Euglena
  • Biological group of species recently deriveed from a common ancestral species- Clade
  • Cell wall of fungi is made up of - chitin
  • Phenomenon in which the accumulation of signalling molecules in the surrounding environment enables a single cell to asses the number of individuals- Quarum Sensing
  • A bioluminiscent Luciferace is produced by - Vibraeo fischery
  • Blue green algae are - Cyanobactera
  • Ancient multicellular organism- Ediacara biota
  • Which substance provide strength to the connective tissue?- Fibrous strands of protein collagen
  • Proteins in muscle tissue- Actin and Myosin
  • Largest organ in human - Skin
  • In which layer of skin the blood vessels locate?- Dermis
  • Stratum corneum and stratum lucidum are the divisions of - Epidermis
  • Stratum germinitivum is a layer in - Dermis

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