Last Grade Rank List: PSC Ignore Female Candidates

The last grade rank list which had published in 2012, is moving like a snail. It is very sad to say that PSC avoids ladies who have included in the LGS rank list. There are many women rank holders who are waiting for the last grade job became disappointed due to this bad situation. The present rank list has only a short time to finish its validity. It increases the tension of the lady candidates.

The main reason for this is very strong. Many of the night watchmen who are in the government service are trying to attain the office jobs in the last grade scale with their influence. Most of them are succeeding in that and join as the office peons. So the vacancies of the office peons are filling with the night watchmen. Then only the posts of them - those of night watchmen - became vacant. PSC avoids the ladies to appoint in these vacancies. No office attender vacancies formed because of the illegal appointment of present watchmen in different departments as office peons. The male candidates of the present last grade rank list get fortune by this. The most vacant posts are of night watchmen in the LGS scale. So the male candidates are considering for these jobs. So ladies are rejecting who have the top ranks in the rank list. Some of them get job between a great intervals. But the main problem is, most of them are appointing as last grade servants in the district Trivandrum. It is because, there are many vacancies in Trivandrum, especially in head offices of various departments. So the ladies became more tensed and sad, they should go to faraway places to get a government job in their life even they got high mark in the test.

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