Kerala PSC Examination Tips for Applicants

Many of the youngsters trying to win Kerala PSC examinations to get a place in the society. Everyone is working hard to increase their knowledge level for that. With that the candidates should know about certain things on which they should keep their mind. Every applicant should follow some important points before the KPSC test. 

The last grade examinations are coming. All of you are preparing for that. I am here describes some helpful tips to achieve better rank in the LGS examination also.   

Kerala PSC Demands the Punctuality:

All the candidates should care about the time and punctuality. You should reach the examination centre allowed by PSC on time. For example, in the case of last grade test it is at 1.30 PM. After 1.30 pm nobody will permit by KPSC authority to enter the main gate of Kerala PSC exam centre. Recently many people lost their chance to write the Kerala Public Service Commission OMR test due to their reason. So all of you keep your punctuality.

Submit Any Identity Card Recognized by KPSC:

Every candidate should submit anyone of their ID cards which had recognized by PSC. It should be contain photograph of the candidate. The photocopy of the ID card is not need. Candidates should bring the original one. Without any of the following identity cards, the applicant will not get permission from PSC to attend the test.

  • Voters ID 
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • ID card for Handicapped Persons
  • Passbook with Photograph from Nationalized Bank
  • ID card of Govt Servants from their Departments
  • ID card of X-service Men
  • Conductor License
  • Passbook from Scheduled bank, State Co-operative Bank and District Co-operative Bank
  • ID card of Servants in Various Company/Board/Corporations.
  • ID card of University Employees
  • Medical Certificate with Photo from Medical Board
  • ID card of Lawyers from Bar Council
  • Aadhaar

How to Download Kerala PSC Hall Ticket:

  • Click on the link 'One Time Registration' in the home page of Kerala PSC website (www.keralapsc.gov.in)
  • Type your User ID and Password
  • You can see your profile with your uploaded photograph
  • Click on 'Admission Ticket'
  • You can find out the name of particular examination
  • Click on the icon on its right side and get the hall ticket
  • Download and print the KPSC hall ticket in an A4 size paper and submit during test
Notice the Emblem and Bar Code in Your Hall Tickets:

All the applicants should care about the clarity of the emblem of Kerala Public Service Commission and the bar code in their hall ticket. If you submit the admission tickets without the clear emblem or bar code you can't attend the examination. Even though you can write the test due to the carelessness of invigilator, PSC will not value the answer sheet.

Don't Paste Extra Photograph on Hall Ticket:

Your hall ticket will contain the uploaded photograph during one time registration. So there is no need to paste extra photo on the printed one. If you do so, the PSC will not allow you to get in the exam hall.

Name and Date are Necessary in the Hall Ticket:

The candidates should check the clarity of name and date on their photo in the KPSC hall ticket. If you did not enter the name and date on the uploaded photograph for one time registration, your photograph in the hall ticket will not have those. So notice this point.

Kerala PSC OMR Test - Tips to Attend Successfully:

Write your register number in the suitable box and bubble the particular numbers. 

Sign in right place in the address list which will give you by the invigilator in examination hall. If you sign at wrong place, your answer sheet will not value by PSC

Separate part A and part B of the answer sheet after exam and give them to the invigilator. The separation should make through a printed bar code. Don't make any damage to the bar code. If you do so it will lead to make your answer sheet invalid.

Don't write anything with pen/pencil on the bar code

Submit the ID card on time in the exam hall (1.30).

The electronic/communication devices like mobile phone, digital diary, calculator etc.... will not permit in the exam hall. 

Don't try to get out of the examination hall before the test has completed.

Keep decency during examination.

Remember to receive attendance certificate to get travel allowance from any concern.

Kerala PSC will not permit any one to change the exam centre.

All Kerala PSC examinations are conducted using OMR system (Optical Mark Reader). The answer sheets are designed to match with this. So don't try to make any dots, holes or any dirt on your answer sheets.

Keep hall ticket, writing board and ball point pen (black/blue) with you while going to PSC tests. 

The Kerala PSC question booklets are 4 types with the alpha codes A, B, C, D. To value your OMR answer sheet the correct alpha code is essential. If you get the question booklet with different alpha code from the code on your answer sheet inform to the invigilator.

Bubble the answers completely.

Don't try to change the bubble. If you bubble two answers for the same question PSC will consider it as invalid answer and get negative mark.

You should write and bubble the register by looking in hall ticket.

Add your date of birth in proper place.

Each OMR sheet contains the space for 100 answers. The part A will value by the OMR machine. It will contain only the bar code and alpha code. Bar code is the false number to identify the candidate. If you write or label anything on the bar code, your answer sheet will be invalid.

You can work out any answers in the extra blank page with the question booklet. 

Read the instructions in the question booklet before starting to write the examination.

How to Fill Up the OMR Answer Sheets:

Don't write anything in the column under invigilator's signature (without name). It is for the signature of invigilator of your exam hall. 

You should write the register number in the appropriate boxes by looking carefully in the hall ticket which you downloaded from Kerala PSC website. There are some circles below the numbers from '0' to '9'. Bubble the proper circles which denote your register number.

Write and bubble your date of birth in the order date-month-year.

Date of the examination conducted and the name of the examination should write and bubble properly. The date should contain date-month-year.  

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