Kerala PSC launched Online Examination Center

Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala PSC) had launched its own online examination center in Trivandrum PSC head office. On August 28, 2014 Kerala Chief Minister Mr. Umman Chandy inaugurated the online exam centre of KPSC. Kerala PSC is the first Public Service Commission which introduced first own online examination center in India. The Rajasthan PSC is the first PSC which launched the online examination for PSC test. But it was with the help of external agency. Here is the difference of KPSC. Kerala PSC started the online PSC system as its own; there is no role for any externals. KPSC had very careful in that to ensure the security of the test.

Besides the Trivandrum Online Exam Centre, KPSC will start the same in Pathanamthitta and Eranakulam in near future. After that it will launch in Idukky, Thrissur, Calicut and Kasargode. Kerala PSC is planning to conduct all the PSC exams which have a little number of applicants through the online examination centers. The Trivandrum Online Exam center has the capacity of 240 candidates to attend the exam simultaneously.

KPSC Online Examination Security:

There is no need to doubt the security of the Kerala PSC online test. During the uploading of the questions PSC, the questions would be in an encrypted form. They are stored in the database in the real format. Nobody can see them in the real font style. The server which contains the questions is under the observation of PSC examination controller and the camera system will be always working for 24 hours. The questions from more experts will code and no one can find out the person who prepared those questions. Only after the collection from those persons, the questions will select by different selection methods. So there is no chance for any prediction. The examination controller from PSC will permit the assistants to download the questions for the test only 45 minutes before the exam. Even after the downloading no one can read them properly. The questions will become readable to the human only at the time of the test. 

All the candidates are under keen observation after they reach at the exam center. There are 16 cameras in the online examination hall. KPSC had appointed invigilators in the ratio of 1:24 (that means 1 for 24 candidates). The Assistant Superintendent from the KPSC will observe all the examination process through the camera on live. All the electronic devices like calculator, mobile phone etc... are prohibited in the examination hall. There is no permission for communication between the candidates in the exam hall and to look into others' computer screen. The candidates who will try to practice any misbehavior during the test will prosecute and punish by the authority. 

KPSC Conducts Test for many batches with the Same Online Exam Question Paper: 

The Kerala PSC Online examination center had designed to conduct the test for more than 1 batch with the same questions. There is no chance for communication between two batches. While the online test of the first batch is going on the next batch will wait in the waiting room. After the exam the previous batch will send outside through a different door. Simultaneously the second batch will enter to the exam hall. So there is no chance for communication between the batches. There by the confidentiality of the test can maintain. So the PSC can conduct the same test with the same question paper. 

The Kerala Government had set up the online PSC examination center with 5 crores Rupees. The exam center had built in an area of 12,500 sq feet. There are very good facilities to write the examination for 240 candidates at a time. The project became practical with the help of KEL and Keltron. There is 200 KVA generator in the exam center to overcome the absence of electricity. There are public service system and LED televisions in the exam center. 


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