Don't be Disappointed Without Getting Kerala government Job!

Are you a disappointed person by not getting a Kerala government job through Kerala PSC examinations? Did not get benefit for your deep study for KPSC tests. Don't be disappointed. There are so many ways to go for you. Here I am introducing some simple and low capital money making ideas for you. With these part time jobs you can find out the time to study for PSC exams.

Following methods will help you to find out new way for making an income.

1) Earn money Through Facebook Daily:

I think you are very familiar with FB and most of your time you are entering into it to find out friends and chat with them. You can convert those times into more profitable and make your FB page into money making platform by affiliated marketing. Earn money with facebook today.

 2) Make Money from YouTube by uploading interesting videos:

Today all are interested into watching youtube videos. People are searching most wonderful and new videos in youtube. When you can upload a few wonderful and attracting videos (if you are KPSC exam aspirant, you can upload some exam tip videos or study materials/lecture videos) into the youtube. When you can get more audience you should put some ad programs as adsense of Google and make money from youtube with those ads.

3) How to earn an income from shares of small companies:

If you are a stock lover and thrilling person you can also make a profit in the field of shares. Understand the basics of shares and find out a share broker. Invest your money in the stocks for making money.

4) Mutual Funds are also a Best income Generator:

Mutual funds will help you to make a huge profit by investing your best money. As in the case of share market you should analyze the mutual funds and try to make money yourself from mutual funds.

5) Make extra money from Aquarium Fish Breeding:

Aquarium fish breeding is growing business in India. If you love to look after them and enjoy the companionship with them you can earn good money from the fish breeding. It is a low capital business which can you develop in your home itself.

6) Dog Breeding- A Profitable Money Making Business:

Dogs are very precious pets,  you know? Yes...They will give you huge money if you look after them properly.

7) Make Money from Home Made Chocolates:

Chocolates are very demanding product in the market. Especially homemade chocolates. You can earn a good income from them if you are ready to invest some hours daily for making money from chocolate making.

8) How to Grow Mushrooms at Home for Profit: 

Growing mushrooms for profit at home is a good part time business. You can find out an extra, best income from home through mushroom growing you can do this business without a high capital of money and time. Growing of mushrooms can practice even in plastic bottles!

9) Attract Students for your New Tuition Center and Make Money:

Are you master in your subject? Do you have organization ability? So this is a right mean for you. Start a tuition class and teach the students in right way. Income will come automatically.

10) Make Extra Income from Doing Project Works:

Project works are good source of income. If you have subject knowledge and basic computer knowledge you can start a project work business.

11) Make Money from Decoration Works:

If you have some creative ideas and interest to decorate things, rooms.... you can develop a decoration work company. If your first program becomes successful, you can get more works in this field. 

12) Make Flowers for Money:

Flower Making is an income generating business. If you ready for investing time to develop your creativity, you can make artificial, cutest flowers for your customers. You can get demanding money from them.

13) Glass Painting - A Good, Extra Money Source:

Glass paintings are most demanding gift in market. Many people, hotels and institutions are selecting the beautiful glass paintings for their interiors. So, make pretty glass paintings for making money.

14) Find Out a Part Time Job from Saree Designing:

Saree is a favorite dress of women. If you have saree designing ideas, start a home based business of saree designing to make money. 

15) How to Make Money from Online Content Writing:

Online content writing is a popular part time job. If you have good command over English language, you can become an online content writer. Online content writer job is a good job to develop your financial set up.

16) How to Start Blogging to Make Extra Money:

Blogging is a best profession to make huge money for your livelihood. Money through blogging can make practical through various ad programs like 'Adsense'.

17) Blanket Making:

You know, in the fabric market blankets are most popular item which has more customers. You can also make the blankets beautifully and enjoy your leisure time. It also gives you extra income from your home.

So the above good methods can make your life prosperous and they will give an extra money for you. Forget the lost chances. There are many ways for you to make money


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