KPSC One Time Registration Login : Reset of Password and User ID

KPSC one time registration process is necessary to apply for PSC examinations. You can only download the exam hall tickets from KPSC official site through the one time registration sign in process. PSC candidates have a lot of doubts about one time registration. Many articles in keralastatepsc.com satisfy them in this case. Many KPSC aspirants have a doubt that how can reset the password or user ID of their one time profile. This is a common question people asking us. This article provides you better ideas to whose password or user ID or both had missed.

How to Get New One Time Registration User ID from KPSC:

There is a simple way which is a service provides by KPSC. When you had lost your user ID of your personal profile of one time registration, you should login to the KPSC's official website. Then login to your one time registration link. You can see the tip to find out missed or forgot user ID. Following is the way to get the missed one time profile user ID.

  • Use you registered mobile number for this.
  • SMS KPSC<space>USR to 5
  • You can get instant message to the same mobile number by saying your user ID. 

How to Reset the Onetime Registration Password:

This password lost is another issue we had heard a lot. Some will face this problem that they would lose their password, but they have their user ID. When you forgot the password of your personal profile, KPSC will help you by their online service. While you signing into the Kerala PSC official site, you can see the link of onetime registration. Click on that link. For logging in to your one time account you must need your password. You can see the simplest way to reset the password. It is following.
  • Use your registered mobile number. (That is it should be same number that you entered while onetime registration procedure.)
  • SMS 'KPSC<space>RSTD<space>. User ID<space>Date of Birth to 537252
  • You can get your new password through the mobile phone SMS.

How to Get Both the User ID and Password of Onetime Registration Process:

Some would lose both the user ID and password of your personal profile of onetime registration. Those had better follow the following way.
  • Use your registered mobile number for this purpose.
  • First, you collect your ID that you forgotten through KPSC online service by using above method. 
  • Then reset password using this user ID. 
Then you can write or save the user ID and password confidentially. Now you can successfully login to your one time profile by entering the user ID and reset password in proper boxes on the right side of onetime registration window. 

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