KPSC One Time Registration : Wrong Information Leads Debarring of Candidate

Kerala PSC's one time registration process is very simple and user friendly. So, all people can use the KPSC one time registration method to attend the PSC exams. At the same time misuse of one time registration procedure is in its peak. Some candidates entered wrong educational qualifications in their personal profile to attend the PSC tests for experience. It is for testing their knowledge in Kerala PSC exam syllabus. 

PSC decided to life time debar the one time applicants from KPSC exams. But this debar will be after an advice. For this, PSC will publish this new decision and the candidates should notice that before their application through one time profile. 

The reason behind this latest decision is that, due to these extra candidates PSC should afford a huge amount for conducting exam by including this high number of applicants. Second thing is that when these people who have no suitable qualification get into the probability list, many qualified candidates may get out of the list. By this many candidates will lose their chance even they are qualified and honest while the one time registration process. These dishonest candidates will not overcome the certificate verification of PSC. When they attend this, PSC officers will debar them from PSC test and they can not the precious PSC exams in their life. By this new decision of KPSC one time registration process will become more transparent.


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