Kerala PSC Charges 1000 Rs for Verification Process

KPSC meeting decided to charge 1000 Rs as the verification fee for the newly appointed Kerala government employees. Now there is no charge for that. It is absolutely free. This new decision is for reducing the financial crisis in Kerala Public Service Commission. KPSC verification is necessary for the new government servants. As per the new decision of PSC, this verification process will charge 1000 RS from each candidate.

Besides this, there are some new decisions from PSC. First among them is application fee for the PSC tests. There would be a huge expense for conducting a KPSC exam. If PSC start to collect a particular fee from the applicants, it will be helpful for declining the financial crisis of PSC. There is an expense of 107 Rs for each candidate to conduct an exam. By charging the application fee, PSC can easily conduct the examinations.

Now, PSC examinations halls arranged to include 20 candidates in it i.e. 2 candidates per bench. PSC thinks to include 30 candidates in a hall to reduce the extra expenses.

Another important suggestion from the commission was that the unnecessary tests will avoid. If there is enough duration to complete the validity of the rank list, PSC will not take interest to call for new test. By doing this also Public Service Commission can withstand the financial burden.

As the PSC lover, we can welcome these new decisions of Kerala PSC and work for well processing of the commission. 

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