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Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) is a government body which has the right to notify entire examinations for selecting qualified candidates for the job vacancies under government sector. One of the best PSCs in India is Kerala PSC and it got many awards for the best performance. Now KPSC computerized well. It calls for applications, provides hall tickets, conducts examinations.... through its online site www.keralapsc.gov.in. Here we like to inform you every aspects of Kerala public service commission.

KPSC One Time Registration Process:

Recently Kerala PSC introduced OTR (one time registration) process. By this every candidates can only apply for KPSC tests after registering their details in one time registration profile. The candidate must upload his photograph and full personal and qualification details in this profile. You can easily find the suitable Kerala government exam notification and apply for that through the OTR profile. More details about the photograph in one time registration profile, editing your details in the profile etc... can know from my earlier posts about one time registration for Kerala PSC examinations.

How to Apply Online for KPSC Tests:

After successful one time registration of your profile you can check the new notifications from KPSC and also exam if you are eligible for the test. Whether you are eligible, you can directly apply for that exam by entering from details in a simple application form. Submit it for the processing.

Steps to Download Admission Tickets of PSC Tests:

While you are doing one time registration, you must register your personal mobile phone number. It will help you to get updating information from KPSC about the hall ticket availability in the website. KPSC will inform you about its availability. You can click on the link 'hall ticket/admission ticket' in your profile. You can download and printout the hall tickets by the help of Adobe Reader. PSC informs that there will be a rule for all the candidates that the hall tickets should download within particular days. Otherwise the chance for them to write the test will lose. This rule did not become practical. But come soon.

What is the Detailed Syllabus of Kerala PSC Examinations:

Public service commission prepared and renewed a set of syllabus for all the tests it conducts. Renewal of syllabus is essential and it is usual. The modified syllabus will publish with the hall tickets by KPSC. Commonly 95% of the syllabus content will not change for most of the tests. There is a link 'syllabus' in Kerala PSC website's home page. You can check it through this. You can also get an idea about syllabus of major exams of  PSC like last grade servants, LD Clerk, Secretariat Assistant from my earlier posts.

List of Reference Books for KPSC Tests:

We can get a lot of information from the world. Actually all those bits of knowledge are useful for KPSC exam preparation. But there are some useful reference books for the preparation of Kerala PSC tests. You can easily find out the names of those book from my post "-------------------".

Necessity of Previous Kerala PSC Question Papers and Answers in KPSC Tests:

According to KPSC exam winners the role of previous question papers and answers are not a small one. PSC question papers contain 80% repeated questions and they are from previous Kerala PSC question Papers. So collection of previous PSC question papers and answering them is a better way to achieve more marks in PSC tests. There are many books contain these previous PSC question papers of 10 - 12 years from popular publishers available in the market.

PSC Coaching Centers in Kerala:

With the increasing competition in the field of PSC exams, the number of coaching centers is also arising. There are hundreds of PSC coaching centers in Kerala. Popular among them are Brilliance Collage, Talent Academy, Target College, Masters, Direction, Focus, Prominence etc.... Besides them there are many local ones which provide better classes for PSC preparation. Some coaching centers are providing online and correspondence coaching also. But they assure that the success of a candidate in the PSC exam is depending upon his hard work also. They are a leading light for your success. So work hard for better rank in the list.

Mode of Kerala PSC Examination:

KPSC used to conduct OMR test for exams. Major of these tests include 100 questions those carries 1 mark. The negative marking system is applicable for PSC OMR tests. Bubbling of right answer is the way of answering. Entering register number, date of birth, date of examination are very important steps while OMR test answering.

Publishing of Answer Keys in PSC Website:

Within 2 days after each test, in the official site of KPSC there will be the answer Keys. You can send the complaints about it if any by clicking on proper link. After analyzing your complaints PSC will publish final answer key and you can conclude about your marks in the test.

Soon after the test the websites of popular PSC coaching centers like brilliance, talent... would publish the answer keys. You can compare your answers with those keys and also reach to a conclusion.

Shortlist and Rank list of Kerala PSC Exams:

You can get proper idea about KPSC information center about the publishing of short lists and rank lists. The short list will prepare by PSC after deciding a cut off mark for the test that depend upon the performance of candidates and number of vacancies for particular post. After conducting certificate verification process, the ineligible candidates will reject from the short list. KPSC introduced the system of one time certificate verification process for each candidate. By this the workload of PSC reduced. By this, for the tests which have same qualification the candidates have to only attend the one time certificate verification process. There is no need for repeating the same process.

After avoiding unwanted candidates, PSC publishes the ranked list. Even the points of mark will decide the rank of a candidate in the rank list. So earn more marks. There will be supplementary list for reserved categories. The usual duration of the rank list is 3 years.

How to Get Details of Advice Memo:

From Kerala PSC website you can get the details of advice memo send. There is a link to know the advice details. The appointment letter will send to the candidates in the rank order. From the advice list you can know the department to which each candidate to be advised. You will get the appointment letter within 3 months from the day you received the advice memo.

There will be police verification and PSC verification processes before the declaration of probation after you join in the Kerala government service. Recently PSC informed that they will charge 1000 Rs for this verification process.

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