Kerala PSC Questions- 25 Sure Questions from Kerala History

Kerala PSC Question Paper always contains several questions from Kerala History. The upcoming exams like University Assistant and Lower Division Clerk also include this in the syllabus. Here you can get 25 most important, previous Kerala PSC questions from this part.

  1. First foreigners who made business deals with India is---------
  2. First Europeans who made deals with India is ----------
  3. Who was the Portuguese man who reached in Kannur 10 years before Vasco De Gama?
  4. The year in which Gama reached India?
  5. The Portuguese King who sent Gama to India?
  6. In which year Gama reached India for second time?
  7. First fort which Portuguese built in India?
  8. First Portuguese Viceroy in India?
  9. Who is related to Blue water policy?
  10. The Portuguese Viceroy who defeated Bijapur Sultan and won Goa?
  11. The Portuguese Viceroy who included Indians in European Army?
  12. The Portuguese Viceroy who died in Goa while he went back to Portuguese?
  13. In which year Gama became the Viceroy of India?
  14. Who built the Dutch palace in Mattanchery?
  15. Who built St Anchelo Fort?
  16. In which country the oldest Jewish church of common wealth nations is situated?
  17. In which year Udhayamperur Sunnahadhos was done?
  18. Where did the murder of Kunjali 4 by Portuguese had done?
  19. In which year the Koonan Kurishu kalapam had done?
  20. In which year Dutch defeated Cochin?
  21. The Song system developed in the era of Portuguese in Kerala?
  22. Zamorin who motivate devotion was ----------
  23. The Christian version of Kadhakali is -----------
  24. Where did first printing practiced in India?
  25. Major plants arrived from Portuguese to India?
  1. Arabians
  2. Potuguese
  3. Pero Da Cavilha
  4. 1498
  5. Dom Manual
  6. 1502
  7. Fort Manual
  8. Francis Koh  Almeda
  9. Francis Koh Almeda
  10. Alphose De Albukark
  11. Alphonse De Albukark
  12. Alphonse De Albukark
  13. 1524
  14. Portuguese
  15. Portuguese
  16. India- Mattanchery 
  17. 1599
  18. Goa
  19. 1653
  20. 1663
  21. Devotional system- Bhakthy prasthanam
  22. Manavedhan Namboothiri
  23. Chavitunadakam
  24. Goa
  25. Tobacco, Cashew, Pine Apple, Guava, Papaya...

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