Kerala PSC Questions from Cyber Law for Degree Level Examinations

Kerala PSC always including questions from cyber law with IT mainly for degree level exams like University Assistant, Secretariat Assistant.... Here you can go through a well prepared capsule form of some sure questions from the cyber law part.

Important Terms Related to Cyber Chrimes:

  • E-mail Bombing:- Sending large number of emails to the victim resulting in crashing.
  • E- mail Spoofing:- Sending emails with a fake address. That is it is a process by which one send email with misrepresentation by using an email ID which is not original.
  • Data Diddling:- It is altering of a raw data just before a computer processes it and change back after the processing.
  • Salami Attacks:- Alteration in software for the purpose of committing financial crimes. that alteration is so small that we can't notice it easily.
  • Web Jacking:- Hacker gets all the control of other's web site and he makes change in its text for political or financial profit.
  • Pornography:- Hosting web sites with obscene material. It also include use of computers for producing such materials and downloading the obscene materials.
  • Phishing:- Technique designed to decrypt the private messages.
  • Identity Theft:- Identification of information without the permission to obtain good and service.

Important Sections in IT Act 2000 and IPC Which Deals with Cyber Crimes:

IT Act 2000:
  • SECTION 43:- Deals with unauthorized access,downloading, virus attacks or any containment cause damage the service availed by a person. Fine- Up to 1 crore INR
  • SECTION 65:- Tampering with Computer Source Documents. Fine- 3 years Imprisonment/ 2 lakhs INR/ both.
  • SECTION 66:- Hacking. Fine 3 years imprisonment/ 5 lakhs/ both.
  • SECTION 66 A:- Cyber chrime
  • SECTION 67:- Publication or transmission of an obscene material. Fine- 

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