Recruitment Examination Time Table August 2016 of Assistant Sales man and other posts

Kerala PSC Recruitment Exam Calendar August 2016:

Exam date, post and category number are following.

1. Confidential Assistant Grade 2 (NCA Notification) -

Exam date: 4/8/16

Category No: 166/12, 167/12,168/12, 169/12, 170/12, 36/13, 37/13, 38/13, 39/13, 40/13, 41/13, 42/13, 43/13, 90/14, 372/14, 373/13, 374/13, 375/13, 44/15

Syllabus: Dictation test - A passage in English consisting of 400 words will be dictated in 5 minutes and the candidates have to take down the passage in Short hand and then to write the passage in long hand writing within one hour.

For Category No: 44/15- Syllabus- GK, Current affairs, Renaissance in Kerala, English, Computer word processing, Typing and document formatting.

2. Stenographer- 

Exam Date: 4/8/16

Category No:  285/14

Syllabus: Dictation Test

3. HSST Junior Sanskrit-

Exam Date: 5/8/16

Category No: 105/15

Syllabus: Main Topics- Questions based on core subject, Teaching methodology, Indian Constitution and Social welfare schemes, GK and current Affairs.

4. Telephone Operator:

Exam Date: 6/8/16, 421/15

Category No: 420/15

Syllabus: GK,Current affairs, Kerala Renaissance,General English, Based on technical qualification

5. Tradesman:

Exam Date: 9/8/16

Category No: 526/15

Syllabus: Technical based questions, GK, Current affairs and Kerala Renaissance

6. Draughtsman:

Exam Date: 10/8/16

Category No: 546/15

Syllabus: Technical questions, GK, Current affairs, Kerala Renaissance.

7.Senior Driller: 

Exam Date: 11/8/16

Category No: 412/15

Syllabus: Based on syllabus of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, GK, Current, Kerala Renaissance.

8. Overseer/ Draftsman:

Exam Date: 12/8/16

Category No: 508/15

Syllabus: technical questions, GK, Current, Kerala Renaissance

9. Data Entry Operator: 

Exam Date:17/8/16

Category No: 52/16, 53/16

Syllabus: Questions based on technical qualification, GK, Current events, Renaissance of Kerala.

10. Junior Instructor- wire man:

Exam Date: 19/8/16

Category No: 497/15

Syllabus: Questions based on NTC and Wire man trade, GK, Current affairs and Kerala Renaissance.

11. Surveyor Grade 2: 

Exam Date: 20/8/16

Category No: 415/15

Syllabus: Technical questions, GK, Current Affairs, Kerala Renaissance

12. LDC (NCA):

Exam date: 23/8/16, 302/15

Category No: 507/14

Syllabus: Simple Arithmetic and Mental Ability, GK, Current Affairs, Renaissance in Kerala, Tamil Grammar, Science, Indian national Movement and Renaissance, Malayalam Grammar, English

For category no: 302/15 is same syllabus having Kannada grammar instead of Tamil.

13. Assistant Salesman:

Exam Date: 27/8/16

Category No: 222/15

Syllabus: Gk, Current affairs, Renaissance in Kerala, General English, Simple Arithmetic, Mental Ability, 

14. Divisional Account- For KSEB Employees-

Exam Date: 29/8/16, 30/8/16

Category No: 310/09

Syllabus: Book Keeping (Advanced)

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